OFINCUR S.R.L. - Your Credit Reports Provider


OFINCUR S.R.L. established in 1971 by the partners who today manage the Company, specializes in providing top quality, comprehensive, and fast credit reports and business information, on companies and individuals in all Latin America, Mexico, the Caribbean region, and the South Atlantic Islands.

We are continuators of the activities of the "Uruguayan Chamber of Commercial Reports" (1952-1971), which was one of the pioneer credit information agencies in Uruguay.

OFINCUR S.R.L has a strong Latin American focus, and its main objective is to help its clients in making accurate and wise decisions about risks assesment in granting credit, export insurance, providing finance, or other business and investment decisions.

Being totally bilingual, OFINCUR S.R.L constitutes a natural bridge between foreign exporters, credit insurers, brokers, banks, investors, and other economic agents, seeking to develop business relationships, export their products, establish new business contacts, find agents or representatives, etc. in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Through a combination of expertise, trust, confidentiality, and professionalism, our job is to assist you to perform critical analysis of a business operation, a trade or financial transaction, etc. in Latin America and the Caribbean, while simultaneously build a strong, long-term relationship with your organization.

You can expect from us:

  • Competitive rates, and services tailored to your individual needs.
  • High standards of quality, service and trust.
  • Experienced staff and professional attitude.
  • Prompt delivery times, feedback, and answers to your requirements

Our Commitment to Quality

Our "mission" is to provide the best and most comprehensive business and credit reports, at competitive prices, delivered within the shortest time frame possible, and with a high degree of specialization, added value and quality, looking to anticipate and satisfy the Clients' requirements.

Our quality policy is oriented to the continual cycle of improvement of productivity and efficiency, and to fulfil all clients' needs, expectations and requirements, within our "vision" principles which state our purpose of being a company that through the quality of its services as well as for its integrity and principles will be selected and valued by its clients, recognized for the professional and human quality of its personnel, and respected for serving the community.

We are committed to strictly respect delivery times, and to provide a quick and reliable attention at all times, by putting clients first and aiming to exceed their expectations.

We are known for our integrity. What we do does not start with products. It starts with relationships.

We believe in being open and honest with our Clients. This is the key to long-term, productive and enjoyable business. And when it comes to our products, systems and procedures, integrity means maintaining the highest possible quality and ethical standards in the way we do business